About Gotlandsbolaget

The company was founded in 1865 under the name Ångfartygsbolaget Gotland and is Sweden’s oldest passenger shipping company. Rederi AB Gotland is a Gotland company employing almost 500 people full time. The head office is in Visby. Two-thirds of the company’s 2,700 or so shareholders are from Gotland.

Our business concept

Rederi AB Gotland’s business concept is to earn interest on capital, primarily via investments in vessels in ferry, ro-ro and product tanker shipping. This includes actively taking part in the development of new vessels. The strategy is mainly to concentrate investments to new generation vessels at the cutting edge of technology.

The core expertise of the company has been built up via 150 years of gradual work on the development of new generations of sea transport systems for Gotland services. This ability to develop new generations of vessels has also been useful in the field of product tankers.

Our activities

The operation encompasses the ownership and operation of ferries, ro-ro, product tankers and hotel facilities. The ferries, which are in service between Gotland and mainland Sweden, are run operationally through the subsidiary Destination Gotland AB. The tanker shipping operation is the responsibility of the subsidiary Gotland Tankers AB which handles administration and operation of the tankers. GotlandsResor AB is responsible for the management and operation of the Group’s hotel properties.

Our commitment on Gotland

The growth and development of the Gotland community are essential for our core operation, ferry services to and from Gotland, to develop. Ever since it was founded in 1865, Rederi AB Gotland has therefore been an important factor in the development of Gotland. Accordingly, our initiatives and investments go beyond the immediate shipping operation. Our commitment is wide-ranging, from educational and cultural initiatives to hotel and accommodation facilities. Through a broad sponsorship of culture and other activities beneficial to the community, we want to make Gotland as attractive as possible and lay the optimum foundation for the Gotland services.

Our environmental responsibility

We look after our common environment and promote sustainable development. We do this by minimising the impact of our activities on both the marine and the land-based environment by constantly striving to:

  • minimise emissions of greenhouse gases
  • minimise harmful emissions into the sea, such as spillage and leakage of hydraulic oils, sterntube oils and lubricants
  • continuously reduce the use of environment-impacting chemicals
  • reduce the amount of waste from our activities
  • optimise methods for controlling and minimising energy consumption in climate systems, hot water consumption and heating, for example

We have an environmentally efficient fleet of ferries and have an ongoing development process for environmental improvement. The ferry services’ environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001 since 2003.