Stockholms Reparationsvarv AB

Stockholms Reparationsvarv AB is 62,5 per cent owned by  Rederi AB Gotland. The shipyard is located on the shipyard Island of  Beckholmen in Stockholm. The Island is one of Sweden´s oldest active industrial areas and dates back to the seventeenth century. A repair yard has been located here since the 1850s.

The yard repairs between 50 and 100 vessels per year and serves all types of vessels, such as cargo ships, tankers, Ro-Ro vessels, tugs, barges, archipelago boats, working boats and passenger ferries. Coast guard vessels, shuttle ferries, naval vessels and icebreakers are repaired on behalf of the state.

The yard is quality certified according to ISO 9001, and environmentally certified acfcording to ISO 14001.

The president of the Stockolm Repairyard is Staffan Röberg.

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Mailing address: Beckholmen, 115 21 Stockholm
Visiting address: Beckholmen, 115 21 Stockholm
Phone: 073-327 92 23
Emal: info@srvab
Reg. No.: 556426-2391