Hansa Destinations launches new Ro/Pax service between Nynäshamn and Rostock

13 July, 2021
Rederi AB Gotland’s new Hansa Destinations ferry service starts at the end of August and will transport cargo and passengers between Nynäshamn in Sweden and Rostock in Germany. The new route provides logistics companies with an additional choice of transportation while reducing emissions by encouraging a modal shift from road to sea.
Initially, the service will be operated with one vessel with departures from Nynäshamn on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Departures from Rostock will be made on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. An increase in services is planned with a second vessel, enabling daily departures in both directions. Selected sailings will also call at Visby on the island of Gotland.
The sailing time will take 18 hours, and departures will be scheduled at 19:00/19:30, with arrivals the following day at 13:00/13:30.
“Hansa Destinations offers logistics companies and other customers a new route to transport goods between the greater Stockholm region and northern Germany that improves flexibility and efficiency. The new service will offer more than 75,000 trucks to switch from land to sea annually, thereby reducing transport emissions,” says Håkan Johansson, CEO Rederi AB Gotland.
The new service is part of Rederi AB Gotland’s strategy to create a more environmentally friendly transport solution within shipping. Earlier this year, Destination Gotland launched its climate roadmap, and Gotland Tech Development, a sister company to Destination Gotland, with the purpose of driving technological development for sustainable shipping, was launched.
With the new service, Rederi AB Gotland and Hansa Destinations will enable the modal shift of freight transport from road to sea, a more environmentally friendly freight alternative, that is also supported by the Swedish government with environmental incentives. The transfer of truck traffic to the sea route between Rostock and Nynäshamn will reduce emissions by at least 20 per cent.
Furthermore, the new service will provide logistics companies with a cost-effective alternative for transporting goods which will increase both flexibility and efficiency. Truck drivers will be able to have their rest period during the sailing time, allowing them to drive longer distances once arrived in Rostock or Nynäshamn.
The new service between Nynäshamn and Rostock was awarded government funding in its start-up phase under Sweden’s Eco-bonus scheme, as part of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hansa Destinations is the largest project to date to have received support under the scheme, which is designed to help achieve Sweden’s climate goals.

“We are excited to expand our business with our new service, Hansa Destinations. In addition to creating a new, cost-efficient, and environmentally sound transport service between central Sweden and Germany, we will also use Hansa Destinations to further improve our service to and from Visby”, says Håkan Johansson.

The service is launched in partnership with Sartori & Berger, a sales agent for the freight market.
For further information and bookings please contact:
Freight: freight@hansadestinations.com
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For more information, please contact:
Håkan Johansson, Rederi AB Gotland CEO, +46 (0) 70 284 50 99