Annual Report 2020

Taking responsibility for long-term supply of Gotland and facilitating safe, secure crossings have been a common theme in a year characterised by a global pandemic.

We are used to being able to plan our activities well in advance. In 2020, the rules of the game changed all of a sudden. Rederi AB Gotland and our subsidiaries faced a historical challenge when a global pandemic took hold. With our good ability to adapt and the opportunity to work on the basis of different scenarios, we continued to develop our companies despite a new level of uncertainty. It is incredibly impressive to see how all our staff stepped up and dealt with an unusual year that was very demanding.

How we coped with chartering out two of our ships that were not being used for Gotland services in the off-peak season was one example of our ability to adapt. In the autumn of 2020, it was clear that M/S Visby and M/S Drotten would be chartered out to DFDS, one of the biggest shipping companies in Europe, to operate on a new direct route between France and Ireland. The new contract with DFDS indicates a great deal of trust in us as an operator and our ability to crew ships. We have a good reputation as a reliable, safe, professional company. And our reputation in respect of sustainability is gaining in significance.

The year was also characterised by preparatory work on two potential development projects. We were one of two shipping companies asked to submit a tender for a new construction project for Marine Atlantic in Canada. This builds on lessons learned from our construction of ships that run on natural gas (LNG), where we developed our ship design for more sustainable services. In 2021, we will also be evaluating the options for a new ferry line between Nynäshamn and Germany, which goes by the working name of Hansa- linjen. This would make it possible to move more cargo between the continent and Sweden by sea, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

The past year has been challenging, and this can also be noted from our financial performance. At the same time, we have taken a number of steps towards becoming a more successful shipping company with a view to creating more sustainable maritime transport. We will be con- tinuing to focus on investments in the climate transition over the next few years. Destination Gotland has launched its roadmap for a 70 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 and is the first major ferry company to have started using biogas on a wide scale.

Our business concept involves designing, developing and investing in new ships in order to develop maritime transport, both in our local region and on an international level. Building for the future and assisting in the development of the entire is- land is part of our DNA, and we have always worked to help make Gotland the best, most sustainable place to live and work in Sweden.

In specific terms, this means that we build ships and run services that use modern new technology to help reduce emissions, with Gotland as our base. Our two new subsidiaries are also allowing us to create a completely new way in which to operate and invest. The first of these, Gotland Tech Development, provides us with the opportunity to develop new technology, test sustainable innovations and help make Gotland more sustainable; while the second, Gotland Capital Management, is allowing us to create new investment and asset management opportunities. These companies will play a key part in the development of Rederi AB Gotland operations going forward.

I would like to finish off by again expressing my warmest thanks to all our staff at all subsidiaries for their outstanding efforts over the past year. The Gotland community can trust us always to maintain a longterm perspective. For us, Gotland comes first!

Håkan Johansson,