M/T Gotland Aliya

Call signC6YU4
Responsible for management and maintenanceV.Ships UK Ltd
Built2008 at Guangzhou Shipyard International Co Ltd (GSI), P.R. china
Imo No9375604
Length overall183.2 m
Length between p.p.174.4 m
Breadth32.2 m
Draught12.9 m
Gross tonnage29283
Net tonnage15939
Deadweight53187 ton
Speed15 knots
Vessel typeGSI Gotland Class – Product tanker for chenmicals compliant with IMO II
Main engines11340 kW
Auxiliary engines3500 kW
Capacity54000 m3
ClassDet Norske Veritas +1A1 Super Ice Tanker for Chemicals and Oil