Gotland Hotels & Properties

Based on the island, Gotland Hotels & Properties works to develop new tourist destinations and to create places to live, work and enjoy. The company owns, manages and operates all of Gotland Comapany’s hotel and property portfolio.


This includes the hotels and complexes Scandic Visby, Visby Gustavsvik, Strandvillan in Visby and a new development near Ljugarn. Given its location, the site of over 48 hectares – formerly known as “Östersjöparken” – offers interesting potential to develop the island’s tourism industry and create more reasons to visit.


Scandic Visby is the largest hotel on Gotland, while the Visby Gustavsvik resort offers apartments, Bed & Breakfast rooms and cottages close to the sea and the city centre. Strandvillan is a fine old villa offering exclusive accommodation and meeting facilities for small parties, located by the sea, just outside central Visby. The company also offers for rent private housing, office space for companies and commercial premises, attractively clustered around the port in Visby.


Gotland Hotels & Properties plays a central role in community on the island and provides reasons to travel here all year round.