A global fleet of ships

Our vessels

Our ambition is to offer the most modern maritime transport systems. We want our fleet to use the latest and most efficient technology to reduce the environmental and climate impact of our operations, while at the same time meeting our commitments and responsibility to society.

The newest additions to Destination Gotland’s fleet, the traditionally named M/S Gotland and M/S Visby, operate between Gotland and Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. We are also currently working to develop Sweden’s first large-scale, hydrogen-powered passenger ferries – called Horizon series.


In addition, we have a number of cargo ships that are deployed through commercial management in pool collaborations or through contract hire.


  • M/S Drotten Link to open ship info.
  • M/S Gotland Link to open ship info.
  • M/S Visborg Link to open ship info.
  • M/S Visby Link to open ship info.
  • M/S Birka Stockholm Link to open ship info.