Prosperous societies where people can meet, live and work

Gotland Company is founded 1865
Destination Gotland is founded 1998
Launching the Horizon series 2021
Climate-neutral transport to Gotland 2045

For almost 160 years, we have paved the way for prosperous and thriving societies and the future of shipping. We have a long-term dedication to developing our business and investing in solutions that drive us forward.

We adopt a long-term perspective and see it as our responsibility to ensure that our investments make a difference – for our environment and our customers, employees and owners.

Gotland has been our heart and base since the very beginning in 1865. With our long history and engagement, we have not only developed destinations but also laid the foundation for growing communities where people can meet, live and work. For almost 160 years, we have been promoting the places where we operate. Now, we bring these experiences with us as we invest in the next generation of vessels and fossil free fuel, as well as create new destinations and develop property and hospitality services.

One of Gotland’s largest employers

Today, we own and operate a fleet of ships, invest in the shipping’s climate transition and new technology. Our operations run daily ferry services between Gotland and the mainland, and between Nynäshamn and Rostock. We are developing and investing in the energy supply and ship technology, hotels and properties of the future. We are open to new ideas, new ways of working and cooperate, and want to make a lasting impression that creates the right conditions for the future. The common thread running through our operations is that they all benefit the places where we operate.


Gotland Company is one of the largest employers in Gotland, with around 800 employees on average over the year, and has its head office in Visby.  We are constantly working to be an attractive workplace for  our current and future employees, through good terms of employment and opportunities for professional development, both on land and at sea. Thanks to our long experience, established position and financial strength, we create value for the places we operate, but also for our shareholders.

Our vision

Prosperous societies where people can meet, live and work.

Our vision is to promote societies and communities where people can meet, live and work – because we know that the opportunity to travel, meet other people and enjoy new experiences lies at the heart of any plan to develop as a place and a destination.

Our mission

Creating maritime transports and hospitality services for the future.

Gotland is our base and our heart. This is where we were founded and from where we operate. We are fiercely committed to creating the maritime transport and tourism industry of the future. As the oldest passenger ferry line in Sweden, we have been bringing Gotland closer to the Swedish mainland for almost 160 years. We are constantly moving the maritime industry forward and helping to create more reasons to travel to the island. And we are taking this wealth of experience with us into the future.