We pave the way for transportation and societies of tomorrow

Our vision is to create prosperous societies where people can meet, live and work. For almost 160 years, we have paved the way for Gotland to develop, as a destination and as a place to call home. We connect Gotland with the Swedish mainland through one of the most modern maritime transport systems in Europe. Over the years, we have expanded our areas of operation, which now include owning and managing ships, hospitality properties, as well as travel services, real estate, and technical development.

We invest in solutions that promote and develop communities in the places where we operate. This requires new energy, new transport options, new ways of developing property and hospitality services, and new pathways for collaboration and technical development. Through our operations and our employees – we make all this possible.

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Our operations

We own and operate a fleet of ships, invest in the shipping industry’s climate transition and new technology, and drive the development of sustainable destinations. Our operations run daily ferry services between Gotland and the mainland, and between Nynäshamn and Rostock. We are developing and investing in the energy supply and ship technology, hotels and properties of the future. The common thread running through our operations is that they all benefit the places where we operate, with environmental, economic and social sustainability as our guiding principles.

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