Creating the future of shipping and hospitality services from Gotland

Gotland Company owns and operates a fleet of ships, invest in the shipping’s climate transition and new technology, and drive the development of sustainable destinations. Our operations run daily ferry services between Gotland and the mainland, and between Nynäshamn and Rostock. We are developing and investing in the energy supply and ship technology, hotels and properties of the future. The common thread running through our operations is that they all benefit the places where we operate, with environmental, economic and social sustainability as our guiding principles.

Destination Gotland is responsible for one of Sweden’s most important transport routes – the sea link between Gotland and the Swedish mainland, representing one of the most modern maritime transport systems in Europe. Our four high-speed ferries create opportunities for both passengers and cargo to travel efficiently between Gotland and the mainland on the Visby – Nynäshamn or Visby – Oskarshamn routes. We also operate the Visby – Västervik route during the summer months.

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Based on the island, Gotland Hotels & Properties works to develop new tourist destinations and to create places to live, work and enjoy. The company owns, manages and operates all of Gotland Comapany’s hotel and property portfolio.

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Gotland Tech Development

Gotland Tech Development is leading Gotland Company’s ambition to phase out fossil emissions from our operations and accelerate our role as a leading part in the climate transition of our industry. The company works closely with all the companies in the group and with external partners to remain at the forefront of technical developments and innovative solutions.

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Gotland Capital Management

Gotland Capital Management works to increase the return on Gotland Company’s liquid assets. We work actively with the company’s assets and borrowings to ensure that the capacity to invest remains strong.

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