HSC Gotlandia

ChartererDestination Gotland AB
Call signSJLC
Responsible for management and maintenanceDestination Gotland AB
Built1999 at Alstrom Leroux Naval, Lorient, France
Imo No9171163
Length overall112.51 m
Length between p.p.100 m
Breadth16.11 m
Draught2.61 m
Gross tonnage5632
Net tonnage1689
Deadweight450 dwt
Speed32 knots
Vessel typeSingle-hulled high-speed craft, HSC B
Main engines28320 kW
Auxiliary engines1365 kW
CatalystsEquipped with Siemens Sinox SCR, with maximum emission of av 2 g NOx/kWh
Passenger capacity700
Cargo capacity140 cars
ClassLloyd’s Register +100A1, SSC Passenger (B), Mono, HSC, LDC, G3, IBS NAV, + LMC, UMS, Ice Strenghened

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